About KNIT

KNIT is a knitting app that makes life easier for knitters. Get a full overview of all your knitting projects, patterns, lists, terms, techniques, yarn and needles.

KNIT is a venture started by the product development agency Agens, with a dedicated and experienced team in creating digital products, who are passionate about reducing frustrations and creating a better knitting experience.

Knitting can be analog and confusing—with information, patterns and knitting equipment such as yarn and needles scattered in several places. KNIT gives you the opportunity to store patterns and notes digitally in a simple folder system, while also giving you full control over how much yarn you have and which needles are in use.

Best of all is the brand new way to read knitting patterns. We want to create the best user experience possible—that’s why we developed a more comfortable reading experience, where all patterns are adapted to the mobile screen so you don’t have to zoom in and out. Choose the size you want to knit, and you will only get relevant numbers for that size in the pattern. Say goodbye to brackets and unnecessary details about other sizes!

We want to create a better everyday knitting life and inspire you for your next knitting project. You can therefore find knitting patterns from popular designers in the Nordics, such as Witre Design, Strikkekaffe, Plystre and more, directly in the KNIT app.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to hei@knitapp.io or chat with the team directly in the app.

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