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Digital knitting patterns made for mobile

KNIT patterns come in a new and mobile-friendly format. You will always have it available in its entirety, but you can also choose a specific size and ONLY see the details relevant to the size you are knitting.
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Get inspired for your next knitting project with patterns from popular designers in the Nordics, like Witre Design, Strikkekaffe and Plystre.

You can find new patterns, collections and free knitting patterns in KNIT.
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Frequently asked questions

How much do the knitting patterns in KNIT cost?

Prices vary from USD 0 to USD 9.99, depending on the garment, complexity and work involved.

Is it possible to buy knitting patterns from PetiteKnit or My Favourite Things?

We receive a number of inquiries about knitting patterns from specific designers, but we have not managed to establish a collaboration with all of them yet. We work continuously to increase the selection and try to bring in designers who have great interest and demand.

How can I purchase patterns in KNIT?

You buy and pay for knitting patterns directly in the KNIT app.

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