Digital Knitting Patterns

A brand new way to read patterns on mobile

Choose the size you want to knit, and only get relevant numbers for that size in the pattern. Say goodbye to brackets and unnecessary details about other sizes!
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A more comfortable reading experience

The knitting patterns in KNIT are adapted to the mobile screen so you don't have to zoom in and out. Video tutorials of techniques and patterns are available right in the pattern.
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Better overview

Do you think knitting patterns seem overwhelming? The knitting patterns in KNIT are divided into pages so that you can easily keep track and know where you are.

When you have finished part of the pattern, you can cross it off the list.
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Make notes along the way

Whether you want to make adjustments to your pattern—or remember to buy more yarn—notes are available in the pattern so you can write down everything that comes to mind.

The notes in the pattern are automatically synced with your project.
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Useful tools

What did rnd mean again? With a glossary available within the pattern, it’s easy to check. With the counter tool, you get control over how many rounds, increases and decreases you have knitted.
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Seamless updates

Update patterns in the app with a simple tap. Stop wondering if you have the latest version. Go back to previous versions if you want to.
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Buy and read knitting patterns in the same app

Find inspiration for your next project and buy patterns directly in the KNIT app. The patterns you purchase are automatically added to your library.
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